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Our Staff

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Kaitlyn Vargas


[email protected]

Amber Dettman



Site Staff


Katie Leal

Office Supervisor

[email protected]


Kim Provencio

Registrar / Attendance 


Joanna Johnston

Library Technician 

[email protected] 


Chelle Bridges

RN, School Nurse 

[email protected]


LVN, School Nurse


Chue Thao

Plant Supervisor 

[email protected]


Simrat Aujla 

Campus Catering


Teachers by Grade


 TK / Kindergarten


Natasha McCullough

Kindergarten AM –Rm. K1

[email protected]


Kelly Brundage

Kindergarten/TK Combo AM –

Rm. K2

[email protected] 


Debbie Oliver

Transitional Kindergarten - PM –Rm. K2

[email protected]

 Laura Dinsdale

Kindergarten PM- Rm. K1

[email protected]


1st Grade


Nicole Mastropoalo

1st Grade - Rm. 5

[email protected]


Johanna McGrady

1st Grade – Rm. 1

[email protected]

 Allyson Cook

1st Grade - Rm. 3

[email protected]




2nd Grade


Bailey Antonio

2nd Grade – Rm. 7 

[email protected] 


Katy Konze

2nd Grade - Rm. 9

[email protected]



Stan Holt

2nd Grade – Rm. 11

[email protected]




3rd Grade


Angela Watts

3rd grade – Rm. 14

[email protected]


Alison Liu

3rd Grade – Rm. 15

[email protected] 



Sean Silva

3rd Grade – Rm. 16

[email protected]


Jennifer Drake

3rd Grade – Rm. 13

[email protected]



4th Grade


Kelli Jones & Andrisa Yowell

4th Grade – Rm. 19

[email protected]


Kristen Klein

4th Grade – Rm. 17

[email protected]


Shelby Ford

4th Grade – Rm. 20



5th Grade


Joshua Alfaro

5th Grade – Rm. 22

[email protected] 


Monica Karam

5th Grade – Rm. 23

[email protected] 


Aubrey Martinez 

5th Grade – Rm. 21



6th Grade


Misty Bowns

6th Grade - Rm. 26

[email protected]

Brad Nixon

6th Grade – Rm. 25

[email protected]


Lisa Rose

6th Grade – Rm. 24

 Tim Douty 

6th Grade – Rm. 18

[email protected]


Special Services 


Alexis Rangel

Education Specialist, PALS, Rm. 2

[email protected]

Samantha Phillips

Education Specialist K-3, Rm. 10

[email protected] 


Julie Becker

Education Specialist 4-6, Rm. 12

[email protected] 


Ali Wilder

Resource Specialist K-6, Rm. 4

[email protected]


Cloe Velasquez

School Psychologist 

[email protected]



Speech and Language Therapist, Speech Office 


   Melissa Craven                 Austyn Postler

   Education Specialist,         Resource Specialist K-6

   PALS, Rm. 2                       Rm. 4

    [email protected]       [email protected]


Arts & Music


Francisca Preciado

Orchestra, Tech Lab

[email protected] 


Erik Dewhirst

Band, MPR Stage 


Lenora Burkett

Classroom Music, P29

  Alyssa Shamp
Choir, P. 29 
[email protected]
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