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Block R Award

The Exemplary Ram Block "R" Award is the highest award that is offered to upper grade students at Riverview Elementary School. The recipients of this award truly exemplify the concept of the Clovis Sparthenian...to "be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit". In essence, the award comes through goal setting, hard work, participation, and follow-through....the ingredients of life-long learning and success. The Exemplary Award Program, used now in several elementary schools in Clovis, began several years ago. It started out as a simple way of getting students involved in school. What it has become for us is a focus on the total program that is offered to students at Riverview. We feel that students should be well-rounded in several different categories, and when presented with various options will choose to become involved...."to get into the game". We hope participation in the Exemplary Ram Block "R" process will inspire students to try more activities, recognize important opportunities, and open the door to new interests and hidden talents. Whatever the situation, we feel that the Exemplary Ram Block "R" Program has something to offer everyone. To those who persevere in receiving the award, there is satisfaction in knowing that they, indeed, are among the "Best of the Best"!

The Declaration of Candidacy (Due September 30, 2022) can be completed on permission click - CLICK HERE


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